Danny Gokey Auditioned for American Idol in season 8 just one month after his first wife Sophia passed away. 

He struggled with whether or not to audition, but knew that it was his last year to do so or he would be over the age limit. Sophia had always encouraged him to pursue his love of music, and wanted him to audition, so in honour of her, he stood before the judges and sang. He made it all the way to the top 3, and his debut album, "My Best Days" debut in 2010. After leaving Nashville in November of 2011, Danny moved his musical direction to Adult Contemporary Christian Music and signed a record/publishing deal with BMG music in 2013. His second full length album, "Hope in Front of Me" Released in June. 

In this video, Danny shares some of the things that he walked through before getting to where he is today. 

Danny and his wife of 2 years, Leyicet Peralta, are expecting their second child and just recently revealed the baby's gender on Instagram...

Its a girl!!! Congratulations Danny and Leyicet!