For KING & COUNTRY has released a live video performance of their hit song 'God Only Knows' remixed by producer Timbaland and performed alongside Echosmith. 

The original version was on the brother's 2018 album, Burn the Ships. The song's focus on mental health and God's healing had struck a chord with fans. Now the remix is already finding success on secular radio after just three days.

For KING & COUNTRY says the remix came to be after God's providence.

"We’d been in touch with Timbaland for some time," they wrote on their social media. "And when 'God Only Knows' released he and his team resonated with the song and were inspired to put down the beat and driving (sic) the interpretation you hear."

Next, indie band Echosmith came along after a meeting with the band's management (and father). "I remember Jeffrey, their dad/manager saying how much he loved the tune and mentioned playing it for Sydney... within a week, she was in the vocal booth! And in turn, providentially, this remix was born."

The live video of the remix performance was released on Friday, June 14. As of Monday, it had already amassed over 355,000 views.