Francesca Battistelli has this way of hitting the nail of real life right on the head. She's sung about losing keys, a misplaced phone, ripped jeans, and all the little things that can drive people crazy.

In her latest song, "When The Crazy Kicks In", Francesca talks about the craziness of life. Can you relate? When is your "quiet time" in the day? Are you a parent and find that you need that time before the kids are up, or is it at night when the house is finally still? Do you take your lunch break at work and go for a walk with God? We all need to carve out that purposeful quiet time with God. 

And yet again, Francesca speaks right to the heart with her newest song. Bravo to her for starting this newest video out in curlers and a housecoat. Another serving of real life has been made to perfection. Enjoy.