While her song was written out of a place of grief, Francesca Battistelli's new song and music video are sure to inspire. 

"A few years ago a friend of ours went through a devastating loss. I really wanted to write a song that would honour what he went through and really speak to that idea of how tragedy affects our lives because, at one point or the other, it does affect all of us," says Battistelli in a video on her Facebook. 

"I think if the last year and a half has taught us anything it's that we're not immune to difficult times. It's been a hard season."

Battistelli acknowledges the rough patches and at the same time gives credit to the goodness of God. 

"This song has brought me a lot of comfort because through it all there is one constant, and that is that God is good."

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The single is also in the upcoming movie God's Not Dead: We the People, being released across the U.S.A todayBattistelli plays a part in the movie alongside her song being featured. 

"No matter what you're facing today, I pray the song would bless you."