Jon Buller is stepping back into the wider Christian music scene with a new album on the way. 

"I spent 12 years as the Worship Pastor at Vernon Alliance Church in BC. We had a blast as it's a worshipping church. It was an exciting time to come alive in my shepherding and realize that I love to pastor people."

In 2020, Buller was ordained, adding Reverend to his title. 

"Ordination is an affirmation that one is called to pastor, to shepherd others. I pray that the music I create, and the life I lead reflect that," says Buller.

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It's been 11 years since Buller released a CCM album.

"I have a worthy challenge of re-entering this music world. I've launched a Kickstarter until November 9. There are actually two full-length projects. We finished the first one, it's already done, it's mastered. The first single comes out on October 29."

People who invest in Buller's Kickstarter will receive the full album and more, according to him. He's even going to perform live stream concert for individuals supporting his projects. 

The new album is called Come Awake. The second project being released in the spring of 2022 is titled Different Now

"The theme of the whole project of coming awake is to remember. Remember who you are, who we are as people, as believers in Jesus, as the redeemed family of God."

Buller said it felt great to be back in the studio, recording again. 

"The creativity is so exciting. It's a good reminder for artists that regardless of if people will see or hear what you create, to be creative is of the utmost importance because it gives you life."