Justin Bieber is back on the road after being sidelined this summer by a medical condition and he's been unashamed about sharing his faith with the thousands of fans in the audience each night.

In a recent video post on his Instagram, Bieber sits at a piano near the end of a concert and begins to pray. "God, I pray right now for every fear, every insecurity, every bad thought we have about ourselves or someone else; we just release that right now in the name of Jesus," Bieber says.

In recent years Bieber has been unashamed of his Christian faith and often shares the good news of Jesus with his audience. On this night he encouraged his fans to turn to Jesus. "We release our selfish ways and know that you happily take them, Jesus," he wrote in the caption of the social media post.

"We thank you God that you are here," the singer continued from behind a white piano while thousands of fans listened. "Thank you that you love us, thank you that you are for us, thank you that you are proud of us. We welcome your Spirit into this place ... you told us that you'll never leave us, you'll never forsake us."

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Bieber had to step back from his Justice world tour after he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The illness had temporarily left half of his face paralyzed, and he was forced to cancel several North American tour dates including two shows in Toronto, with notice coming just hours before one of the shows. He continued the tour on July 31 with a concert in Italy.

As Bieber prayed, he also prayed over his fans, asking God to set them free from negative thoughts and renew them.


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"I pray against any tormenting thought, any insecure thought, we just give it to You, in Jesus' name.

"You know the darkest, most shameful things in our heart, and You accept us and call us Yours. We are Your children, and You are well pleased. You're so big, You're so powerful, we trust You," Bieber said in closing his prayer.