A video has gone viral of a man playing his piano in the midst of devastation following deadly tornadoes in the U.S. over the weekend.

Jordan Baize of Bremen, Ky. sits at his piano playing in a room without a roof and rubble littered around him.

The video was posted by Baize's sister, Whitney Brown. "I have been overwhelmed by the love my family has been shown today," she writes in the social media post. "We are all safe, thank God."

Baize lost his home in the tornadoes that spanned across nine states, and his family was there on Saturday helping him go through belongings. 

"I was standing in his bedroom packing anything I could salvage and I heard the most beautiful sound. Music," Brown says. Her recording starts with her walking through a hallway while following the sound.

"Jordan was sitting at his grand piano, playing the Gaither tune 'There’s Something About That Name.'"

Baize and his family were not injured in the violent storm.

"Everything around him was broken. The piano had water damage, it had missing keys, and he didn’t know I was filming, but still he used his gift to glorify his God the best way he knew how. Enjoy his God given gift."

The death toll is expected to surpass 100.