People across Manitoba got quite the sight Wednesday evening as a large meteor lit up the night.

People from Niverville in southeastern Manitoba, to Roblin in western Manitoba to Wasagamack in the northeast reported seeing the meteor flash across the sky in a bright green light.

Several home security cameras caught the event which took place around 9:45 p.m.

Jason Cruickshank shared his footage to Twitter from his home in Transcona. "Was just looking north in Transcona and saw a shooting star," he says.

Twitter user @somewhereinmb replied to Cruickshank saying that it lit up her whole car while she was travelling on Highway 14 at Highway 75, south of Morris, Man.

People have been sending their videos to our Golden West radio stations.

South of the border the University of North Dakota Aurorasaurus' cameras caught the meteor in a blinding light.