The Christian artist who just announced a movie is being made from his song is releasing a new music video about his unravelling. 

Cory Asbury, the Grammy-nominated Bethel singer, released the new music video to his latest single, 'Unravelling', on December 7 to YouTube. 

"Through the first album and now this one, I realized that I just can’t seem to get over the love of God. I’m stuck on it," Asbury tells The Christian Beat in an article.

On November 6, 2020, Asbury released his first live album, To Love a Fool - a Rooftop Experience, which includes this single. The album is filled with two things, according to Asbury. That is the love of God and His 'unwavering devotion to His children'.

"He’s not a small-minded bookkeeper peering over the balcony of heaven waiting for us to mess up," says Asbury. “No, His love keeps no record of wrongs. For God so loved the world, He came close. He casts our sin as far as the east is from the west."

The video is shot between a dance studio and a rooftop with a talented ballerina, interspersed with a few shots of Asbury singing.

"Because He loves us, we learn to love ourselves. That’s an astounding thought. We’ve got to learn to love ourselves, fools though we are."