It is officially blueberry picking season in southeastern Manitoba, and although it's a short period of time, it's very fruitful this year.

Monique Chenier of Sunrise Corner Tourism says the season has begun, "we are knee deep in blueberry season."  And the area encompassing that corner of the province is full of berries ready to be picked.

"Piney, Menisino, Vassar, anywhere you can find pine trees, especially areas where there had been a forest fire in the past and things have had a chance to grow back, is a great place to look for blueberries."

Chenier says the backroads around Vassar area are popular locations for berry pickers.

"You will literally see cars parked along the side of the road or along logging roads and you probably know that those people are out picking blueberries."

After a few summers of not many berries to pick, Chenier says this year is seeing a bountiful crop. But it's not just humans looking forward to an exceptional number of berries.  

Pickers need to be bear aware and Chenier suggests people stay within sight of their cars.

"Stay within sight of the rest of your group, have some noise-making implement of some sort because bears do love blueberries."

Chenier encourages people to visit Sunrise Corner to enjoy the blueberries and all that area has to offer.

"Get your bucket, make sure to have bug spray, and plenty of water and watch out for the bears and the ever-present ticks."