'Image of God' is being released in a new, slow, and more purposeful version as We are Messengers feature singer/songwriter Vince Gill.

The original song for 'Image of God' was initially released in September of 2020 and this new one on January 29. 

"I couldn’t believe it when Vince Gill said he’d do a version of “Image of God” with us. Then I really couldn’t believe it when he was cool with us coming to his home and doing this live, raw stripped back version of one of the most important songs we’ve ever released," posted We Are Messengers to Facebook on release day. 

The video was shot in black and white, simply with Darren Mulligan, the lead singer, alongside Vince Gill playing the guitar and singing the harmonies and second verse. 

"Vince really loves God and he gets it. He knows that all we can do is go easy, walk slow and love well. After all, we are brothers, one and the same, both of equal value to our Father God. You see Vince, you and I are made in God’s perfect image. Now that’s something to sing about," says Mulligan. 

Gill has been married to Christian artist Amy Grant for over 20 years.