Father Nishantha Cooray, who ministered to many survivors following the atrocity says victims are still waiting for justice to be served.

Seven months after the terrorist attacks in which three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka were targeted in a series of suicide bombings, authorities have yet to name those responsible.

Father Cooray says to Premier, "The police investigation is over. Our problem is, the report is not released. Nobody knows the outcome.

"We need justice, internationally, there should be some voice against this."

Cooray says, "We are asking the international community to influence the Sri Lankan government to release the report."

Cooray spoke to members of parliament alongside the Catholic organization, Aid to the Church in Need, which highlights the current state of Christian oppression across the globe.

Cooray says, despite the attacks and devastation that took place in April, the faith of Christians in Sri Lanka remains strong.

"Even though the people are persecuted, their faith is so strong. Even when faced with church closures and terror threats so many are coming into the church.

"The people have not lost their faith."