As Manitobans soak in the latest COVID-19 moves, major voices in the pandemic response are sharing hopeful messages.

On Friday, the Winnipeg Metro region is moving to Red on the Pandemic Response System. The rest is moving to Orange if they are not already there. 

"We recognize the significant personal and professional sacrifices Manitobans have made to help protect themselves and their community. We are in this together, and I confident we will get through this together," Premier Brian Pallister says.

He is asking Manitobans to significantly reduce their number of close contacts and follow the fundamentals to protect loved ones.

Manitoba's Chief Public Health Officer says that it is not the time to panic, that it is the time for people to stop the spread of COVID-19.

"Now is definitely the time to act, Now is not the time to panic, That is not what we have done in Manitoba is panic. We have stayed calm, we have relied on logic, we have relied on evidence to guide us through," Roussin says. "Even though these number s seem daunting right now, we know exactly what we can and need to do."

Roussin's press conference partner also acknowledged the rise in cases.

"Even though these numbers are increasing, all the right things are being done," Chief Nursing Officer Lanette Siragusa says.  "I do want to be clear and honest with Manitobans and with our healthcare staff that there is a plan in place."

She is confident that Manitoba can face its immediate needs.

Mayor Brian Bowman says that Winnipeg can "weather the storm" of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Now is the time for calm and compliance," Bowman says. "We will get through this."

Bowman says health care workers are doing an amazing job during this pandemic. 

City of Winnipeg Emergency Operations Centre Manager Jay Shaw says Winnipeggers need to follow the province's guides.

"I want every to stay safe. Stay home."

He is asking Winnipeggers to take care of each other so December holiday gatherings can occur.