The Christian Aid Ministries' Rapid Response Unit is helping out with flood-fighting efforts in the area.

The volunteer organization responds to any natural disaster with a trailer full of equipment, with the initial intent of damage prevention.

"We're here to help," said Unit #2 Field Coordinator, Conroy Plett. 

The unit arrived in Altona on Sunday afternoon. Over the weekend, volunteers helped with sandbagging efforts and even cleared out a few damaged basements in Hochfeld and Altona. On Tuesday, the unit was set up at Altona's Millenium Exhibition Centre to fill and stack sandbags.

Conroy Plett"We're here to help," said Unit #2 Field Coordinator, Conroy Plett.

"We're very much on hand," noted Plett. "If there's sandbagging that needs to be done, that's a priority. As well as cleaning out basements that were affected, if we have time."

The number of volunteers on hand varies from day to day, he added.

"I have contact through our local churches and so on, and their ministry outreach coordinators are getting in touch with me personally," explained Plett.

As for how long he expects the unit will stick around, Plett noted, it's hard to say.

"We're prepared to stay as long we need to. The trailer will probably be here for several weeks, at least."

If you could use an extra hand protecting property or cleaning up, click here for more information.