There was nothing funny about a personal story shared by Christian comedian Michael Jr. about his own experiences as a Black man, the meaning of shared pain, and forgiveness.

In a video posted to social media earlier this month, Michael Jr. shared an eye-opening and personal story with his followers.

Michael Jr. says he was 19 and living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He and some friends were preparing to buy an oil change business.

"I worked as an oil change technician since I was 14 years old and I wanted to buy my own business," Michael Jr. says.

The comedian says he worked 16-hour days in order to save enough money to buy the business. During this time, he lived in an apartment complex.

"It wasn't the most sketchy apartment complex but it wasn't the best apartment complex," Michael Jr. says.

Michael Jr. says it became apparent during his time living in this apartment that the people who lived across the hall from him were involved with selling drugs.

He became suspicious after noticing a gas company truck parked outside his apartment, which operated on electric power.

"I didn't have anything to do with that stuff, I just wanted to be a business owner," the comedian says.

nderstand this," he says. "They just did a drug bust, somebody else is driving up, they gotta check me out and see who I am, I fully get that."

Then the officers asked Michael Jr. for his ID, which he didn't have on him.

"I'd left it over the stove in my apartment," he says.

He explained this to the officers, who then followed Michael Jr. up to his apartment.

"When I open [my apartment] with my key, that means I have nothing to do with this," the comedian says.

The officers, however, forced their way into Michael Jr.'s apartment behind him, still demanding to see his identification.


Posted by Michael Jr. Comedy on Tuesday, June 2, 2020

At this point, Michael Jr. stops moving and directs them to his identification. He then walks slowly over to his stove and talks the officers through each of his movements as he reaches for his ID.

"I'm pretty afraid at this point," he says.

Michael Jr. tells officers he is reaching for his wallet and then feels cold metal against his head. An officer, one Michael Jr says he believes had taken a dislike to him, had his gun trained on Michael Jr.'s head.

"I'm so scared and angry and hurt because he could end my life right now and he could come up with some kind of story, and then nobody ever knows who Michael Jr. is," he says.

The comedian says he pulled his wallet down and the officer removed the gun from his head. The officer with the gun then leaves his apartment. Eventually, the other officers leave as well.

"I remember sitting on the floor, hurt, in serious pain, and just angry," Michael Jr. says.

Then, the woman who lived across the hall from Michael Jr., whose significant other had just been arrested by police, came over to his apartment.

Michael Jr. says she was inconsolable.

"I just listened to her, and even though I couldn't understand everything she was saying, because our pain matched, the communication was way more clear."