Don’t put your shovels away yet, Manitoba. 

A major Colorado low pressure system has brought plenty of snow to the southern part of the province over the past 24 hours and is forecast to bring more of the white stuff before moving on. 

As of early Thursday morning, roughly 25 centimetres of snowfall was reported in the City of Winnipeg, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Dan Fulton. 

“Depending on where you were, you could have seen some significant accumulations overnight,” says Fulton, who expects more substantial amounts of snow in the Manitoba escarpment and the higher terrain in western Manitoba once reports come in later this morning. 

Exact measurements will be difficult given the amount of blowing snow and melt that has occurred over the course of the April storm, Fulton notes. 

“The system is beginning to weaken,” says Fulton. “Today we’re looking at, basically, what you see is what you get.” 

Unlike Wednesday morning where a tremendous amount of snow fell in a short period of time, the City of Winnipeg is expecting steady snow Thursday, somewhere in the range of 5 of 10 centimetres. 

The storm is expected to taper off Thursday evening with a couple more centimetres to fall overnight. 

All-in-all, the amount of snowfall in Winnipeg is expected to be “pretty close in line with what we were thinking originally,” says Fulton, who praised Manitobans for being cautious. “It also helped in a way that people really took it quite seriously.”

For those Manitobans who were expecting more, Fulton thinks them to be in the minority. 

“I think most people are happy there isn’t snow up their knees.”