Over the past few days, the weather in southern Manitoba has been as active – and varied – as the Bombers' offense. 

"We've had snow, we've had rain, we've freezing rain, ice pellets, and pretty much everything in between," says Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Dave Carlson. 

But what kind of weather play can we expect to see this weekend? Are you wondering how many layers to wear as you cheer on the Blue & Gold this Saturday in the Western Final? We have the answers right here for you! 

A mild week temperature-wise will continue into the weekend, and the sun should even make an appearance according to current forecasts.

"It looks fairly certain that the weather is going to cooperate quite nicely," says Carlson. 

According to current modeling, fans can expect temperatures to hover near the freezing mark with mostly clear skies, a very slim chance of precipitation and just a bit of a breeze up to 20 kilometers per hour come gametime Saturday. 

"For mid-November and a football game outside in Winnipeg, you really can't ask for anything better," says Carlson. 

The Bombers welcomed a sold-out crowd to IG Field for the last four home games of the regular season, and they're hoping to extend the streak to five games for the Western Final. Tickets are still available through Ticketmaster.


A warmer November than usual?

Fellow meteorologist Eric Dykes of Environment and Climate Change Canada says that some "supercomputer" models are showing that the remainder of November will continue to be pretty mild, for the most part. 

"A lot of the prairies are going to be seeing above seasonal temperatures for the majority of the rest of the month, even," Dykes says about what current models are showing.

"This could be the beginnings of a relatively warmer period," he said, cautioning that doesn't mean every day will be warm. But, for the most part, Manitobans should be enjoying some nice weather the remainder of the month. 

Seasonal temperatures for this time of year are a high of 2 degrees and a low of -7. Current forecasts show the daytime high reaching as high as +3 and +7 on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.