Why can't we all just get along? It sounds simple, but for so many this can be extremely challenging.

After going through her own experience within the church, Danielle Macaulay, author, blogger, podcaster, speaker and television personality, felt called to help others.

At one point in her life, while pastoring at an affluent church just outside New York City, Danielle felt a strong hatred towards one of the women involved in the ministry. She was jealous of this woman and cheered for her to fail.

"We are human, and jealousy is one of the most potent and common reactions in human feelings," Macaulay explains. "We see it out in the world. We see it for entertainment. We watch reality tv where we sit back and watch women go at it for entertainment."

One thing she says is not at the forefront is how this is a huge problem within the church.

"Now, the women of the church, we would never be like that. We know how to tie ourselves up in a nice Christian pretty bow for church on Sunday and grit behind a smile," says Macaulay. "But, let's face it, there is junk going on under the surface because we are human."

Danielle has not only been "the hater", but has also been "the hated". She says it took some time before she realized that there were also women who did not like her.

After experiencing both worlds, Danielle forced herself to dig into the Bible, and it was there that she found some great help. 

She writes about her discoveries in her new book, Why Can't We All Just Get Along?!: A Recipe For Success In Your Relationships.

"I cover a range of topics from pride and thinking we're better than others to insecurity and feeling like we're not enough and all the stuff in between, like comparing ourselves to each other and competing, to jealousy and envy, all of this junk, the Bible does have a lot to say."

Today on Connections, Danielle shares what the Bible has to say. She also shares with us how she managed to become best friends with the person she once hated.