2019 was another year of low turnout numbers for a provincial election.

With a continuing decline in voting numbers, what is it that keeps Manitoban voters from casting their ballots?

This year, the provincial election only say 55.5 per cent of voters come to the polls.

First-time voter Melvina Guiboche, a community minister with ICYA, says it was the lack of connection that held her back from voting years past. 

"I am probably one of the first people in my family to vote," says Guiboche. "The reason why I voted this year is because I felt I could connect with the people that were running."

Growing up Guiboche didn't feel a connection to the leaders vying for her vote and it was not discussed in her family home.

Guiboche says, "An interpersonal connection [lead] to actually wanting to vote this year. I wanted to see change, I wanted the support to continue. ... I felt like it was my duty, and my honour and my privilege to vote this year."

The highest percentage of voters that come out was in the Interlake-Gimli riding with 70.3 per cent and the lowest was in the northern riding of Keewatinook with only  17.1 per cent.