A PD day brought spring into full view for one Winnipeg community.

Seema Chan is a math teacher at McCleod Adult Learning Centre in Winnipeg. On Friday the staff at the school had a Professional Development (PD) day and instead of just staying indoors, they took to the streets spreading happiness. 

"Candace let us know it was International Day of Happiness," says Chan of her Director at the centre. "She gave all of us bouquets of tulips to pass around the neighbourhood."

The small group of teachers went outside for a podcast walk in the morning to kickstart the day. 

"On this walk, we were to approach someone on the sidewalk or knock on someone's door to spread the joy. That's what we did!"

Teachers at McCleod Learning Centre handing out tulips to the neighbourhood.Teachers at McCleod Learning Centre handing out tulips to the neighbourhood. (Supplied)

Chan gave away her bouquet to a mother and daughter. 

"I saw a woman in her car and I was so happy I ran over. It was a mom and she had her daughter in the back. I introduced myself and said what the day was and that I was giving her these flowers and she was so happy. She said that it made her day and she was going to pass it forward."

Chan shares that other staff handing out tulips had similar stories, creating a ripple effect. 

"I just feel grateful to be working at a school with a director who does these acts of joy and kindness, and to take part in them."