Wilson Phillips singer, Chynna Phillips is preparing to undergo surgery on a tumour in her leg. 

Phillips, who started a YouTube channel called California Preachin' to evangelize and share her love for Jesus, made the announcement earlier this week in a video called "My Worst Fear Came True."

"I have this surgery coming up," said Phillips. "I have a tumour in my left leg. I have had it in my leg since I was a kid. They don't know if I was born with it. However, it is totally benign." 


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She went on to say that the tumour is very large measuring 14 inches long and 4 inches wide. 

"I'm absolutely petrified of anesthesia, I just think it is the closest thing to death," said Phillips. "I've got to start praying about this and turning my worries into prayers because I know that Jesus can help me if I radically surrender."

This will be the fifth surgery that Phillips has had on her left leg. 

"The pain I'm feeling today, is not going to compare to the joy that I will be feeling for eternity."

Chynna says the surgery will take place in eight weeks.