Trevor Melcher struggled with chronic pain and addictions for many years before he was fully set free after a radical encounter with Jesus. 

"About two and a half years ago I checked into rehab for the first time," says Melcher. "The place that I chose was a non-12-step program because I was basically against God. I thought anything about God or Jesus was a bunch of lies or manmade creation."

Melcher believed in science, stating 'if you can measure it, then it's real.' 

"I was in depression and anxiety. I had a relationship that was failing because of it. Yet, if you were to look at my life from the outside, you would think that I had everything I wanted. I had a beautiful partner, I had a beautiful home, and everything was provided for me. But inside I was broken."

The first time Melcher was in rehab he was introduced to the idea of spirituality, which in this case simply meant something greater than yourself. For years he also suffered from chronic pain, which is one reason Melcher turned to drugs in the first place. 

"I'm lying in my bed one night and something tells me to open up my laptop and I start to type out what I'm hearing. All that kept playing in my head was, 'Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.' This was someone who didn't believe in spirituality but my eyes were opened and I felt like I had been healed miraculously."

Even after this happened, Melcher thought maybe it was Buddha or something else spiritual explaining this freedom he felt. 

The Darkness and the Light

"After I left the rehabilitation place and I fell right back into that darkness and pain. I didn't turn to Jesus or accept Him as my Saviour. Things to continued to get worse. My relationship ended, my mom passed away from cancer, I was in more pain than I'd ever been, and I was losing my career."

Melcher felt completely hopeless and suicidal, so he went back to rehab last summer. Coming out after a few months, he fell into similar habits once more, trying many types of spiritual practices to help with the pain. 

"I was driving back from a nature retreat with a new girlfriend and something told me to go book an appointment at a float spa. It took all my will and strength just to get there. I couldn't get this anxiety to leave and I was chain smoking cigarettes on the way."

After 40 minutes of floating in the tank, Melcher started to experience full-body tremors. 

"My whole body was convulsing and I was having flashbacks of traumatic experiences as a child when I was sexually abused by my step-brother. I got out of the float tank at the end of my time and I was just shook. I didn't know what to think, I was afraid, but I knew I experienced some sort of healing."

Melcher talked with the owners after, explaining what had happened, and there was a man in the corner, Donald, listening as well. 

"I sensed the tension, and said, 'What were you guys up to?' Donald says, 'We were just praying and casting out demons,' just so nonchalantly. He asked if he could pray for me and I thought, honestly, at this point, I'll do whatever."

After Donald, a graduate from Adult & Teen Challenge, prayed with Melcher, he felt peace as he'd never known. 

"I was talking to the owner's wife, and I said, 'What should I do? Something's just happened and my mind is about to break trying to understand it.' She said, 'Trevor, go home and pray that Jesus enters your heart and that whatever was inside you can't come back because once Jesus is there, you'll be set free.' Donald's last words before he left were, 'Just remember, Jesus loves you.'"

Melcher got Donald's phone number and the two started up a friendship, often talking about the Bible and power of Jesus. 

"I started to be touched by the Holy Spirit, He started to speak to me. I had tried different psychiatric medications, up to $50,000 of my own money spent on different therapies and doctors. All I needed was Jesus."

Melcher felt convicted to get rid of all his past 'spiritual' books and periphenalia. Once he did, Melcher felt even more peace. After he started attending a church in Winnipeg, Melcher was recently baptized on March 4, 2023, which is also his birthday. 

"I pray for anyone out there who is down, or suffering, to know that God is the ultimate healer."