Do you have an idea for an event downtown? Downtown Winnipeg Biz is all ears - and maybe all money, too!

The organization is launching "Host it Downtown," inviting the public to submit ideas for events that could be held publically downtown. According to BIZ chair Sachit Mehra, “With Host It Downtown [the downtown biz is] showing leadership in how we can increase our downtown capacity to bring even more events downtown, and with it attract even more visits to the city’s core."

The program is aimed at events of various sizes, for groups ranging from tens of thousands to smaller more intimate crowds or handfuls of people. Advisory committee member for Host it Downtown Sara Stasiuk says its hard getting events off the ground - Host it Downtown wants to make it easier for citizens to get the ball rolling.

Does that sound wide-open? That's because it is, according to Stasiuk, and furthermore the BIZ looking to capitalize on some great winter and fall ideas. There isn't just cash on the line, there's promotion - the BIZ will not only be awarding funding, but also event support.

You've got till June 11!!! To register your idea, visit