In a much smaller than usual ceremony, a popular attraction at The Forks is open for visitors.

Winnipeg Foundation's CEO Rick Frost was a guest Tuesday morning on an unusual vehicle while opening the Centennial River Trail. The Forks says Frost was both the speaker and guest Zamboni driver for the occasion. 

While it was not the speediest of entrances, Frost drove onto the famed river trail, breaking the red ribbon, and marking the official start of the skating season.

"The skating, walking and cross country ski trails are open from The Forks Port to Hugo. We hope to expand onto the Red River in the coming weeks, as conditions approve," The Forks writes in a Facebook post.

The Winnipeg Foundation is being honoured by The Forks this year in celebration of its 100th year. The organization says they have more in the works to celebrates its milestone anniversary. 

Winnipeggers know that the trail has been open to skaters for over a week, as the ice froze in time for the new year. The popular spot is seeing large volumes of people as it typically would as people venture outside. While the popular spot is outdoors, people are being reminded that distancing rules still apply.