The Winnipeg Jets are circulating a cheeky letter, excusing people from wearing their usual work attire in favour of face paint and jerseys.

An excuse letter to employers and schools is being sent out through social media by the Winnipeg Jets ahead of Thursday's home opener against the Anaheim Ducks, saying the game is "kind of a big deal."

"On Thursday, October 21, we ask that you please excuse ____ from wearing their normal school/work attire in exchange for Winnipeg Jets gear," the letter reads, encouraging people to wear blue wigs, face paint, and more.

There is no excuse for Anaheim Ducks fans.

It is the first regular-season game the Jets have played at home in 591 days, since the start of the pandemic. They previously hosted health care workers in June during the second round of the Stanely Cup Playoffs and played preseason games this fall at home with fans in the stands.