Mark Chipman says he is "really blessed" to honour Dale Hawerchuk as he gives an emotional speech, highlighting tributes to his late friend. 

A series of tributes to the Winnipeg Jets' heritage, including honouring the late Dale Hawerchuk, are being unveiled, says the Executive Chairman and Governor of the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Club and TNSE.

Tearing up, Chipman, standing where a statue of Dale Hawerchuk will be, apologized as he broke down during his speech.

"I felt really blessed, with Craig Heisinger, to tell him with before he passed the that his likeness would be cemented in the history of this city with our plans to erect a statue in his honour, right in this very spot at True North Square."

"I'm sorry," he says to the audience, pausing to catch his words during the emotional moment. "We've continued to work on that project over the past year since we were able to tell Dale that."

The NHL team says if they get approval, Graham Avenue between Donald Street and Carlton Street will get a new name: Honourary Dale Hawerchuk Way.

"Dale, quite simply, is part of the fabric of this city and of the Winnipeg Jets organization. Beyond that, he has contributed so much to the sport of hockey."

mapThe Winnipeg Jets have applied to change a stretch of road's name. (Winnipeg Jets/Twitter)

Hawerchuck died on August 18 of 2020 of cancer. Fans mourned the loss of #10 in a tribute at True North Square. A statue of him will be unveiled in one year at True North Square.

"Dale has always been proud to be a part of the community in Winnipeg and felt very much at home in Manitoba. It meant so much to him during his battle with cancer to see all the love and support from his fans," his son Eric says on behalf of the Hawerchuk family. 

Fans will need to wait until January for another tribute to Hawerchuck, the Ducky Pond Hockey Classic, which will be an annual event with the True North Youth Foundation and in support of #HawerchukStrong, a charitable organization in Hawerchuk's honour.

"The tournament provides an opportunity to celebrate the roots of Canadian hockey and the special community that surrounds this great sport - something Hawerchuk would be proud to be associated with," the team says.

This will be occurring at Camp Manitou on January 13-16 on their new lake. Eric Hawerchuk says some of his most cherished memories with his father is playing hockey on Lake Winnipeg with him.

 "We are so proud to give Dale these much-deserved honours to showcase his extraordinary career and the remarkable person he was, and ensure his legacy lives well beyond the fans who followed his career and who were lucky enough to see him play," Chipman says,

As The Winnipeg Jets honour Hawerchuck, they will also be honouring the team's history.


More throwbacks

The heritage jerseys are returning to the ice. They will be the Winnipeg Jets' third official jersey. They are called Heritage Blue and will be worn 14 out of the 82 games in the 2021-2022 season.

Partnering with Manitoba Public Insurance, a specialized Jets Heritage Licence Plate has been created. Available in one month, $30 from each plate will go towards the True North Youth Foundation.