While most Manitobans rest on Boxing Day, a local man is turning his Christmas carbs into Christmas goodwill as he runs 100 km in one day for Siloam Mission.

Junel Malapad is an Ultramarathon runner, meaning instead of running 42 kilometres at once, he runs 100.

"My training is really running 50 kilometres every weekend since the beginning of 2020."

For his fiftieth birthday this year, Malapad has set the goal of running 50 kilometres fifty times. Completing 48 of those runs, he has saved the last 100 kilometres for a special cause. For the past five years, Malapad has been collecting donations from his runs to a Winnipeg homeless shelter.

In previous years, Malapad was joined in person during his 100 kilometer runs. (Supplied)In previous years, Malapad was joined in person during his 100 kilometre runs. (Supplied)

"It is something that is really important for the community to learn and know about it: Siloam Mission. They help out people who need the help. They give a hand up, not a handout."

His efforts have garnered the runner attention from the athletic clothing company lululemon

His other runs this year, and the upcoming run, has raised close to $15,000 donations for many community organizations. He hopes to raise $10,000 for Siloam Mission.

Previously the runner would be joined by friends and supporters, but this year, he is anticipating a lonely 100 kilometres. He will, however, be joined at a distance by runners across North America.

"It is turning into something that I envisioned: turning Boxing Day into Running Day."

junal malapd(Supplied)

Malapad is running a 3.3-kilometre track around the Forks, including up and down Esplanade Riel, just as he did six years ago on his first run. In 2014, Malapad decided to test his running limits to avoid shopping on Boxing Day, and it has since turned into a tradition, raising funds for Siloam Mission.

Malapad says he will not be wasting (or waisting) the carbs he collects on Christmas Day.

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