A 27-year-old teacher from Grant Park High School is facing charges for sexually exploiting and assaulting at least one student and supplying liquor to several others.

Police say between December 1 and February 8, there were numerous instances of alleged exploitation and assault of a high school student. The police added that the teacher had also supplied teenagers with alcohol.

The gender of the 16-year-old student has not been released to protect the victim's privacy.

"It is the kind of thing that parents talk about. That it does not happen here," says Constable Rob Carver. "But it happens everywhere."

Authorities have also interviewed several other students regarding the teacher.

"There are some other students that may be potentially victims as well," Constable Carver says. "The charges may get broadened."

Constable Carver says that the WPS made the unusual decision to name the high school so that parents are not "pulling their hair out" trying to figure out if the incident involved a teacher at their child's school.

Constable Carver clarifies that due regulations set out by the Criminal Code of Canada the police are legally unable to keep the woman in custody. 

The Winnipeg woman currently has a Release Order. That order states the woman may not contact the victim, is not permitted the use of any device that has the capability of accessing the internet, and to have no contact of any kind with persons under the age of 18.

The teacher is not permitted to be employed, volunteer, or "be in a position of trust" over a person under the age of 18.