Authorities say they have concluded a preliminary investigation that came after a care home suddenly required a significant amount of medical intervention.

On November 6, several ambulances were called to Maples Long Term Care Home. The first of the 911 calls came at 7:10 p.m. and were followed by several others. 

When arriving, it was evident that more care was needed and a paramedic team stayed throughout the night. At this time, 12 residents required paramedic care.

The following Sunday, the Winnipeg Police Service announced they were aware of the events.

"The Winnipeg Police Service is aware of concerns at the Maples Long Term Care Home, and WPS investigators have initiated a preliminary assessment of the situation," the WPS said in a statement. 

The same Sunday, the Health Minister, Cameron Friessen, announced the province would be investigating the Revera-owned home.

While the province has yet to reveal any findings from their investigation, the Winnipeg Police Service says they have concluded its preliminary investigation.

"That assessment has ended with a determination that no police investigation will be required at this time," they say in a statement.

Since the events, the WRHA has initiated a Rapid Response Team of paramedics to help if other care homes need assistance. The Red Cross was also called to help at Maples.