The annual Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon kick-off was yesterday, as participants get ready for the May 7 race date.

The Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon would like to remind all participants that the money raised goes to the Canadian Cancer Society to support brain cancer research. The event has raised nearly $400,000 for brain research, and all funds are matched by Brain Canada through the Canada Brain Research Fund.

Police officer Connor Thompson was diagnosed with a grade III brain tumour in 2011, but research and four surgeries has extended his life expectancy from 10 years to 14.

Brain cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths among youth and young adults. It's also one of the hardest forms of cancer to treat and has a survival rate of only 22%. The funds raised to to fund six research teams across Canada.

The race will start in Assiniboine Park. Early bird registration is available until March 19.

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