Heavy rain is taking a toll on Winnipeg's infrastructure, with the City of Winnipeg closing some roads due to flooding and collapsing streets.

A Colorado low has impacted the city and most of southcentral and southeastern Manitoba for over 24 hours now with consistent rainfall.

Several underpasses in Winnipeg experienced severe flooding on Saturday evening, prompting the city to close some of them and send out warnings to motorists. The Osborne underpass was among the closures while water pooled and made it difficult for vehicles to get through.

Some intersections had also flooded, and while most roadways have reopened Sunday morning, the City cautions drivers to avoid underpasses if possible while the rain continues.

Potholes and sinkholes have also become even more common throughout the city amid the storm. On Saturday evening the Winnipeg Police Service notified motorists that a portion of Route 90's roadway had crumbled and that several streets were in poor shape.

"Northbound Route 90 between Dublin and Notre Dame is shut down due to a collapsed roadway," the WPS said in a tweet Saturday evening. "Please avoid that route and be cautious driving in the City as roadways are flooded in numerous areas. City crews working to alleviate the flooding."

At least one lane of northbound Route 90 has since reopened, but police are still urging caution while driving throughout the city.

Motorists should be especially cautious when approaching puddles as large potholes could potentially be under the water.

Environment Canada recorded 32.4 mm of rain in Winnipeg on Saturday. Rain is expected to continue for part of Sunday morning before changing to snow. Somewhere between 2 and 4 cm of snow is expected for Sunday in Winnipeg.