A Winnipeg mom who enjoys being outside with her kids is helping other families easily find great spots to play and go on adventures.

Carol Cassell is a stay-at-home mom that has taken it upon herself to help out Winnipeg families looking for fun things to do, especially during the pandemic. 

"When the weather started to warm up and a third lockdown was looming, I started to see online that parents were asking if there was a playground map," says Cassell.

With spring temperatures warming up the city, many families decide to spend more time outdoors. 

"I wanted more than just playgrounds on my map, I wanted lots of things for families to do outside, and highlight unique playgrounds."

Cassell's map shows 460 playgrounds in the City of Winnipeg. 

"On the map 45 of them are especially highlighted. Regular playgrounds are orange and 45 are pink. Those ones have either lots of playground equipment or a theme."

Cassell mentions some that have a train running through, a construction theme, castles, and nautical, adding another element of excitement for children. 

"It took me about a month and a half to add all the playgrounds. I decided to expand on it so there are also wading pools, spray pads, farms and sanctuaries, beaches for swimming, mini-golf, places to explore nature, and places to get ice cream."

For people looking at the map, they can specifically choose which type of attraction they would like to see the destination for. 

"I just enjoy it. It's something to do in my spare time. It motivates me to get through these lockdowns. I just hope the map is enjoyed."