Former soldier Jessie Lavoie of Winnipeg says he can't just sit and watch.

As Hurricane Irma works her way through Florida, more than a million people are without power in the state. Tornado warnings are also adding to the mayhem.

The Category 4 storm has winds of more than 200 kilometres an hour. At 560 kilometres across, forecasters this morning in Miami said the storm is expected to cover the entire state.

Lavoie says he wants to help those in Florida -- who include family and friends -- as they recover from the natural disaster.

"My heads been down getting the vehicles ready," he says, during a short interview. "We're trying to raise funds to help feed us and get another truck down there."

Lavoie's living in Winnipeg, where he's been working as a corrections officer.

He says he's currently on leave, as he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder following an incident at work. While he's not able to return to work, Lavoie says he's prepared to spend weeks on relief efforts, if necessary.

Three other former soldiers are also willing to go help, and they welcome other Canadians, who want to assist.