Taylor Cain Matz welcomed her first child to the world this week, a little girl. 

"From start to finish, this delivery was a complete JOY!!!" says Matz on Instagram. "We welcomed this shining star into the room with happiness and laughter!"

Stevie Jhett Matz was born on August 21, 2022 in St. Louis. Earlier in the summer, Taylor had to stop touring with CAIN because of a pregnancy scare when she went into preterm labour. The doctors were able to stop the contractions but both Taylor and her pregnant sister Madison took time off from touring before their babies were born. 


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"What a miracle from God! Everyone said it, but I just never knew I could love something so much. Steven was the ultimate teammate through this and now the best daddy ever. God did a work in my heart and I’m truly so thankful to be Stevie’s mom."

The three siblings, brother Logan and sisters Taylor and Madison all became first-time parents this year. Logan became a father in March as he and his wife welcomed a girl. Madison gave birth to a son earlier in August and now Taylor has a daughter. 

While Logan hasn't stopped touring with some help from backup singers, there is no news yet on when Taylor or Madison will join back in. 

However, Taylor says, "CAIN 2.0 is now ready to start rehearsals."