Carol Cassell says so far, 460 houses in Winnipeg have been added to her Christmas light map.

Cassell previously mapped Christmas decorations in Transcona. Now, she is taking on all of Winnipeg.

"I had already decided that I would make a Christmas map to just bring a little extra joy into people's lives," she says.

Cassell knows plenty about Christmas cheer. Not only is she organizing the Christmas light map, but her holiday spirit was given to her at birth.

"My grandma told me this, I did not know until I was an adult. She told me that when my dad named me Carol because when I was born he thought I was as pretty as a Christmas carol."

Christmas was a special time for her dad.

Cassell has been spending the past few weeks collecting the addresses and adding them to the map. Approximately 200 people have submitted their houses and neighbourhoods to the map so far.  She says it will take families at least two days to take in all of the houses.

Some of the more spectacular houses are labelled with a gold star, green pins mean the home had put up a lot of decorations, and red pins mean the home has minimal decorations. 

"Polar Bear Lane is pretty fantastic with two very, very decorated houses at the end of it."

In the same area, there is Candy Cane Lane, Penguin Parkway, and Nutcracker Bay.

Cassell says anyone who decorates can have their house put on the map. Decorating does not need to be completed when submitting a house. 

Some homes send Cassell photos and other information about the home, such as when the lights go on each night or how many lightbulbs were used.

"Anyone who wants to be added to the map with their Christmas decorations can be added. It is anything, a string of lights on your home, a glowing snowman on your yard, it is everything. It is to include everyone."

Commonly-used LED lightbulbs are energy efficient. Manitoba Hydro has previously said that Christmas lights do not often make a large difference in hydro bills.

Cassell predicts an uptick in Christmas decorations this year, as everyone will be at home.

"Something to be excited about is decorating."

Canad Inns Winter Wonderland, the light display at the Red River Ex, hopes to open on December 11.

"It is hard right now with things being so different this year," Cassell says. "I think it would make people happy to be able to have something to look forward to which is driving around looking at Christmas lights."

Those wishing to add their address can email Cassell at