A woman from Winnipeg is now giving out haircuts to people experiencing homelessness as she used to be in the same situation.

"I used to be a substance user, and homeless. I found this homeless shelter called Sscope. When I decided to quit doing drugs, I went to the shelter and stayed there," says Jennifer Watson.

Watson was grateful to have a place to stay and so she started volunteering there as well. 

"I then got hired on as support staff. I always wanted to go to school for hairstyling, so I enrolled. I started going to school, working at Sscope as support staff and ended up getting housing on my own."

Watson then quit working at Sscope because of a busy work and school schedule in hairdressing, but she found a way to give back to the place that helped her get back on her feet.

"I wanted to give back to the community and give out free haircuts to the homeless because I know how hard it is for them to go and get a haircut," she says. 

Watson understands the stigma and struggles many people experiencing homelessness have just to do certain things many people may take for granted. For example, getting a haircut.

"It makes them feel good about themselves and boosts their self-esteem."

Watson goes over to Sscope roughly once a week to give haircuts.

"They're grateful that I take the time out of my busy schedule to come and do this for them. They appreciate me because they know me from when I lived and worked there."

After roughly another year of school apprenticing at a salon, Watson will have her hairdressing licence. 

Jennifer Watson.Jennifer Watson. (Supplied)