After over twenty years as a drug addict, spending time in jail, one local woman says 'God changed my life' at a Christian recovery centre.

One of the ministries under Union Gospel Mission (UGM) in Winnipeg is the Charis Centre, an addictions recovery home for women. 

"I came here about nine months ago. I was a drug addict for at least 22 years," says Lyla, one of the residents. 

She was addicted to crystal meth which put her into psychosis. 

"This led to a violent criminal history, which led to five years in jail right before I came here."

Once Lyla got out of jail, she came to the doors of the Charis Centre. When women enter the program at Charis, they move into the building as this is a residential program in which they can fully immerse themselves in healing, and get back to their families. 

"Everyone welcomed me so lovingly. They just wrapped their arms around me and the community here just made me feel like home. I knew I was coming to this place for a reason and that God was calling me."

As Lyla went through therapy at the centre, she says she now understands that God never left her alone. 

"Now I'm just on fire for Jesus and I want to tell the whole world that there are people out there that love you. God changed my life."