A kind woman chose to help a stranger out recently and one family is truly grateful.

Shortly after getting off a city transit bus, a Winnipeg woman thought her phone was gone or stolen after realizing she had left it on the bus. 

"My daughter came home after a doctor's appointment," says Marcie from Winnipeg. "She came running and all flustered and asked to use my phone because she left hers on the bus."

Marcie and her daughter called the transit station, but couldn't get through. 

"I just said, 'You know what Tess? Jump in the car. Let's chase this bus down.' So we did, we chased it all the way down to Polo Park because I know it stops in there. Sure enough, we found the same bus with the same bus driver."

The mother and daughter searched the whole bus but couldn't find the phone. 

"We thought, that's it, the phone is gone and she won't be getting it back. I said, 'Maybe somebody nice has your phone. Try calling it.' She told me she had it on silent because she was in the doctor's office."

Marcie's daughter tried calling anyway, and on the third try, a woman picked up. 

"The lady was on her way to visit her mom in the hospital. She said she would call me back. We were patiently waiting for the call in the afternoon and finally at about 8 p.m. we got a phone call from this lady."

Leaving the hospital the good Samaritan called Marcie and said she'd be happy to drop off the phone. 

"I was so surprised how nice she was," says Marcie. "We felt so much relief because it's a new phone she's financing. Plus, she just got back from visiting her family in Naniamo so all her pictures were on it."

If Marcie could say anything to this kind woman, she would say, "I would tell her she is one of the most awesome people. Keep being who she is."