Expect a crowded downtown before tomorrow's Jets game, and those heading to the game may want to plan for a delay.

An annual march in support of workers' rights takes place tomorrow evening, at the same time as the Winnipeg Jets street party.

The May Day march takes place on the International Workers' Day. It's organized locally by the Winnipeg Labour Council. It starts with speeches at City Hall a little after 5:30, then the walk itself begins at 6. It was originally set to go from City Hall, down Main to Broadway, to Smith, and up to Old Market Square, but with the Jets street party now encompassing some of Smith Street, WLC president Basia Sokal said earlier today the route is tentatively changed to go up Fort instead of Smith.

Sokal said the May Day march is held to advocate for workers' rights and better living and working conditions. She said the timing tomorrow is unfortunate but this is something that happens every year and they aren't willing to move for the Jets game.

"It's important to do this every year to remind the public and workers that, you know, there are things we can do to fight back and we should be fighting back otherwise our conditions, working, living, housing, everything just gets worse if we don't continue fighting."

The theme this year, like last year, is cuts. But Sokal says last year they marched to the Legislature to protest cuts by the provincial government; this year they're back at City Hall.

"The main purpose for that is just tradition's sake, as well as to kind of promote, advertise, and educate the public about the municipal elections that are coming up here in October. We wanted to make sure that we are at City Hall promoting the message of workers being represented at the municipal level as well."

Sokal invites Jets fans out at the street party to join the marchers.