Youth For Christ Winnipeg's Executive Director is one of two people being named by a Christian university as inspiring.

Providence University College names two people each year for their Alumnus of the Year award. YFC's Cliff Heide is one of the two to be awarded the honour.

In 2001, Heide graduated with a BA in Youth Leadership from Providence. For the past 19 years, he has served at YFC in Winnipeg, first by volunteering at the Edge Skateparkwhile as a student. During this time, Heide discovered his passion for ministering to youth.

"There is a unique level of fulfillment that comes from being able to show love and care for others in the name of Jesus. In my work with YFC, I feel both humbled and honoured to think that God is using me for His purpose in a place He has called me to," Heide tells Providence.

For 15 years the alumnus worked in the Edge, and more recently in the past five in leadership roles.

“It is truly a ‘job’ like no other. The call to devote your life and service towards nurturing the spiritual journey of others is a significant undertaking, and it carries a large responsibility. At the same time, we recognize that first and foremost this is God’s work, and any sort of role we play in this work is only because God chooses to use broken people to extend His love and care to the world." 

Heide took the seat as Executive Director in January. 

“This picture of how we can all be involved in sharing the hope of Christ with one another is quite a beautiful thing. Many times, I am drawn into deep gratitude, marvelling that I’ve been able to serve in a job that, though it may be challenging and messy at times, is also rich with meaning."

Bruce Peters, Class of 1978, was named as the other winner following his dedication to ministry and 38-years with Providence as the Director of Bookstore Services.