A 22-year-old male holding a gun traversed around Shamattawa, ending in the suspect needing medical attention after an interaction with the RCMP.

On Saturday, the Manitoba RCMP sent out a news release of the Shamattawa district responding to a report of an armed male within the community. The report said that the man was walking along a road while brandishing a gun.

"Officers immediately began patrolling the area. During their patrols, they heard several shots being fired. Officers headed towards the direction of the gunshots and located the suspect outside of a residence. An interaction occurred between the suspect and officers which resulted in shots being fired," says the news release.

The 22-year-old suspect is from the community and was brought to the nursing station after acquiring serious injuries in the interaction. No officers were physically injured in the scuffle.

The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba has been notified, and the RCMP Major Crime Services and Shamattawa RCMP continue to investigate.