Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue received a treat this past week when an 11-year-old girl donated money she had raised. 

Abigail Cuppage, from Steinbach, Man. is only 11-years-old but she is putting her passion to a good cause. 

"Last summer me and my dad built a slime stand," similar to a lemonade stand, "and I sold slime at the end of the driveway. That's how I earned the money and my family donated a lot too," says Cuppage. 

She shares how making slime takes a lot of ingredients and initially, she needed a way to pay for them. 

"So I decided to sell my slime but when I sold it I got lots of money so I decided to donate half of it to the animal shelter," she says.

When it comes to the reason Cuppage chose Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue to donate money to, the answer was simple.

"I love animals and I really wanted to help in some way."

Cuppage has a dog at home and just a few months ago her family rescued a cat. 

"It was so fantastic. We don't have a building so we met at Pet Valu in Steinbach. They never told us how much money initially she'd raised so it was definitely a pleasant surprise hearing that it was $500. She brought a gift basket as well," says Amanda Lipton, the Vice President and Fost Coordinator for the animal rescue. 

"It's already been put to really good use with our kittens and one foster puppy," says Lipton.

The day Cuppage gifted the money and basket, Steinbach & Area Animal Rescue posted a photo of the generosity, saying, "Abigail, the slime-making solopreneur, sold $1000 of squishy, tactile-sensory-fun slime, and she has donated half of the proceeds to Steinbach Animal Rescue. What a remarkable and generous effort! Thank you, Abigail, for your ingenuity and hard work. SAAR is a big step closer to caring for animals because of your kindness."

Cuppage says since she loves slime and animals, she'll keep her slime stand open.