A young girl from Saskatchewan who was rushed to hospital a week ago is recovering. 

Last Thursday, Kyla Thomson reached out for prayer after being awoken by her husband calling out for help from her 10-year-old daughter's room. 

"Her body was limp. She couldn’t open her eyes. We called 911," said Kyla. "We’ve never had to do that before. The four previous times Bella had gone septic or dealt with anything scary, she was already in a hospital or stable enough for us to drive her there before things went downhill."

Bella was taken to hospital, where she was treated for sepsis. She spent a few days in the PICU before being transferred to the pediatric unit.


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Thomson is still undergoing tests to determine what caused her to go septic.

"New tests, scans, medicine can be scary, the unknown can cause fear… but seeing my girl choose fun and imagination over fear today helped me realize how powerful our minds truly are," said Bella's mom, Kyla, in a post on Instagram. "Thank you again for all the love & support BRAVElings."

Kyla continues to ask for prayer as their family as they await results.