Instead of playing at the famous Red Rocks stage in Colorado, Zach Williams is at home recovering from the coronavirus. 

A huge concert called Live at Red Rocks featured many Christian artists played to a packed open-air auditorium on August 3. This included Casting Crowns, We Are Messengers, CAIN, Brandon Heath, and what was supposed to be Williams.

With the last-minute information of Williams's diagnosis and therefore unable to perform, Cory Asbury played instead. 

Asbury, known for his single 'The Father's House', paid tribute to Williams by playing a few lines of 'Chain Breaker.'

"Laying here tonight recovering from COVID and I get this video in a text," Williams posted to Instagram. "I am reminded of that feeling of joy that comes over me each night when we sing the words from ‘Chain Breaker’ – and now as I’m hearing others sing them."

Williams hopes to continue touring as soon as he fully recovers. 

"God ALWAYS has a perfect plan. He still uses the words he put on my heart for his glory—even when I am laying in bed."