Zacharias Trust has decided to separate from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) following the release of a report detailing sexual abuse allegations against Ravi Zacharias.

This story includes information and language regarding sexual assault that may be difficult for some to read.

The UK board of the Zacharias Trust operates OCCA The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

They say it is with "deep regret and sadness" that the board notes the Miller and Martin report and statement released by RZIM US.

"We are appalled by Ravi Zacharias’s abusive actions and their impact on the victims of his abuse," the UK board's statement reads. "We also lament the effect this will have on many around the world who looked up to him as a role model for their own Christian faith."

On Friday, RZIM US released a statement acknowledging the results of the report commissioned by the organization to investigate claims of sexual abuse by prominent apologist Ravi Zacharias.

The report concluded allegations against Zacharias were true, including encounters of sexting, unwanted touching, spiritual abuse, and rape.

"We are devastated by what the investigation has shown and are filled with sorrow for the women who were hurt by this terrible abuse," RZIM US said in their statement Friday.

In the statement signed by six board members, the UK board says the conduct exhibited by Zacharias goes "against everything we stand for and believe as a Christian organization.

"Our trust in Ravi Zacharias was wholly misplaced, and for this we apologise wholeheartedly to all those who have been impacted."

Offering their support to the women who stepped forward as victims of Zacharias' abusive behaviour, the board condemned all negative actions directed towards Zacharias' victims and expressed support for RZIM staff who have "spoken out in recent months."

While the UK board says they welcome the RZIM US statement and its focus on Zacharias' victims and repentance, they say they plan to separate from the organization because their response "does not go nearly far enough in terms of actions relating to leadership and governance.

"Very serious issues and systemic failings have been raised in recent months and confirmed by the Miller&Martin report," the UK board's statement reads. "These demand accountability and urgent action beyond the measures outlined in the RZIM US statement."

Allegations "systemic failings" against RZIM US have been furthered by a report released by Christianity Today, which revealed RZIM Vice President Abdu Murray suggested in the fall that the ministry employ a "rough" former police officer to locate and discredit those who had made accusations against Zacharias according to RZIM sources.

Christian media outlet The Roys Report says a letter leaked to them in December showed that RZIM president Michael Ramsden witheld crucial information about Zacharias' actions against Lori Anne Thompson, one of the apologist's victims.

The UK entity already acted as a separate charity with independent trustees, but now plans to operate without any link to RZIM US.

The decision to separate from RZIM US was a unanimous one by the UK board, according to their statement. This will involve choosing a new name.

"This process will take time to complete but the UK Board is convinced that this is the best and only way to ensure that the ministry can continue to serve the UK church with integrity. This will also give us the opportunity to review the lessons to be learned from these awful events," the statement reads.

Signed by James Gardner, Martin Kitcatt, Jeremy Marshall, Michael O’Neill, Caroline Santer, and Francis Wright, the statement concludes asking for the faith community to pray for the victims of Zacharias' abuse, the RZIM global staff, and others whose lives have been impacted by the revelation of Zacharias' actions.