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In a world full of negativity, Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive back Kevin Fogg wants to be a light.

Fogg has been battling injuries to start the season, but says he's happy to be back with the team. He's also really excited about chapel this year.

"Last years was good but this year has been amazing," Fogg said. "There have been a lot more guys and a lot more guys have been vocal."

It's good to get your mind away from football sometimes, according to Fogg.

"It's important for me specifically to get my mind refocused," Fogg said of chapel. "To do it with some of my teammates that I call my brothers now, not just on the field, but brothers in Christ."

The chapels help the Blue Bombers players connect outside of football as they do life together.

Fogg is well known for his social media accounts, including Twitter, where he is very vocal about his faith.

"It's important to me [to be vocal] because there is a lot of negativity out there, especially on social media," Fogg explained. "Just to be a light for someone . . . it's going to touch and meet someone somewhere in their life.

"I'm just trying to encourage others."

Fogg believes that it's our duty as Christians to encourage one another, be there for one another, and love one another.


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