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Between the enthusiastic leaders and the fun activities, Waverley Church's VBS is a blast for any child to come through their doors.

 Waverley Church has made a fun and exciting place for kids to grow their relationship with God, while making new friends along the way. Today's lesson relvoled around believing in Jesus. "You don't need to have proof to believe in God", was one of the responses coming out of the bible lesson. They were taught to not doubt God, but instead trust that He is in control.

With this year's theme being "Game On", many kids were excited to share their favourite spots. Their responses went from soccer to basketball to a couple baseballs and a few footballs. Needless to say when it came to game time the kids couldn't contain their excitment. The high energy basketball game was a hit for everyone. Everyone was getting their game on!

But by far, the highlight of the day was the craft table. We made mini soccer fields that were a ton of fun to make. A majority of the kids when asked what their favourite activity of camp was, their answers were making the crafts. Petra said her favourite craft was the key chains. "It was a whole bunch of colours with words on it that said God on it," was her description of her personal keychain she made.

Waverley Church VBS was a blast and the kids there are having a great time! Stay tuned for tomorrow's VBS at My Church Winnipeg.