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Only God can bring a dead man back to life. 

On the outside, Cody Bates appeared as any other normal kid on the playground. But abuse, prescription drugs, and bullying had produced anything but a normal human being. Before long, his preteen drug addiction and young offender incarcerations transitioned into narcotic trafficking, gangs, murder, and life in a maximum-security prison.

Organized crime, counter-surveillance, and violent stiff-arm tactics became Cody's way of life as he fought desperately for the things of this world--money, power, women, and drugs. To counter the crippling emptiness that consumed him day after day, he resorted to the only solution he had: cocaine.

As his health deteriorated and his addiction worsened, he fell deeper into psychosis where he encountered the demonic faces, whispers, and sirens no one but him could see and hear. The future appeared bleak as he fell deeper into the devil's hands. It seemed obvious to everyone that there was only one way this could all end.

But there are things far worse than death for a man intent on destroying everything and everyone in his path.

You can find out more about Cody Bates at his website. His book, The Devil's Pupil, is available in bookstores across Canada and online.