Silver Heights SDA Church, Winnipeg, MB

Presents: A Family Relational Health Evangelistic Series, Under The Theme: "The Impact of COVID 19 on Church, Community and Family Life"

Dr. Anthony L. Gordon

Counselling Psychologist and Family Relational Health Therapist

Topics include:
Maintaining Family Relational Health in Time of Crisis
Making Home a Citadel of Peace
Strange Prerequisites for Eternity
Healthy Use of Social Media - A COVID 19 Therapy Plan
Family Relational Health, a Biblical Priority

May 1- 14, 2021
Wednesdays and Fridays 7 PM Central Time
Sabbath 11 AM and 6 PM Central Time

Zoom Meeting ID: 977 1405 4414
Passcode: 284809


Silver Heights SDA Church, 2140 Ness Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

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Phone (204) 889-5228
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