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When someone you love passes away, it can be a very emotional and trying time, yet many details must be attended to. Try to focus on the most important things when planning the funeral. Begin to think about how to honour the life of the person who passed away. 

What kind of impact did this person have on family and friends?

What memories can you incorporate?

Consider his or her passions, hobbies, pastimes, likes and dislikes.

What achievements did they have?

Who was important to them and why?

The viewing/visitation, eulogy, music, readings, procession, committal service and reception can all be personalized to celebrate the person who passed away.

At the service, you can display their favourite things, photos, memorabilia, and artwork. Choose music that they loved and that reminds you of them. Flowers can be custom ordered the way they would have liked and you can choose them in their favourite colour. Incorporate a well written, meaningful eulogy as this is what is remembered the most about a funeral. When choosing a memorial card for the service, ensure it reflects the personality of the individual who has died. Many people will hold onto this program for many years. Select a poem or message that is both meaningful and healing.

Don’t be afraid to display any emotion that arises during the funeral. Don’t be afraid to laugh or cry. Be surrounded by people who give you strength and courage and get through it together. A well-planned funeral is the first step to healing when you lose someone you love.

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